Our Projects


Casa Girasol is home to MURU, the Sacred Vally Seed Bank. The Seed Bank is a network of farmers and gardeners across the Sacred Valley who agree to use original variety seeds (heirloom), and learn the art of seed-saving. The network then trades seeds amongst themselves and returns seeds to the central Seed Bank. All members of the Seed Bank are 100% Organic and 100% non-GMO. Casa Girasol provides seeds and seedlings at no cost to all members of the Seed Bank. Our seed bank consists of over 1600 varieties from all over the world. We have developed and employ seed preservation methods which dramatically increase the storage-life of seeds. Our seed-bank philosophy is one of continual support for bio-diversity, in the Sacred Valley and on the planet Earth.


Casa Girasol is engaged in the research and production of plant varieties that have the highest concentration of curative properties. These “Foods That Heal” are used in detoxification, rejuvenation and alternative disease-treatment programs by organizations dedicated to dietary healing. Casa Girasol continues to engage in research and cultivation of plant varieties containing high concentrations of beta-carotene, licopenes, cloryphyll and other healing compounds used in the treatment and prevention of disease.


Casa Girasol is initiating a project of empowerment for agriculture-related businesses and points of interest within the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Responding to the growing interest in alternative tourism worldwide, we are providing the opportunity for travelers to access, learn about, and even participate in local agriculture with farm-stays,  guided and unguided tours. Our mission is to promote interest in and access to the agricultural enterprises of the Sacred Valley while increasing exposure and revenue opportunity for the small-businesses involved in sustainable agriculture here in the Andes.


Casa Girasol organises a weekly farmers and artisans market in the picturesque, inspired town of Pisac, 30 minutes from Cusco into the Sacred Valley. Featuring farm-fresh veggies, local products of all kinds, organic packaged foods and artisans of every kind, musicians, intuitive readers and community connection every Saturday in the heart of the Andes mountains

We are currently looking for long-term farm volunteers (2 or more months) who are considering relocating to the Sacred Valley. We prefer experienced, mature (24 or over), responsible and spiritually focused individuals. We promote a community atmosphere. We are also seeking farm “managers” who will stay 6 months to a year or more. Please contact at info@casa-girasol.com