Organic Farm



Casa GiraSol (Sunflower House) is an Organic Farm, B&B and Retreat Center dedicated to Seed Preservation, Permaculture & Bio-Intensive farming and regional Micro-Enterprise. Our organic gardens and greenhouses are specifically designed for organic seed cultivation, agricultural training and high produce output. We produce seeds, seedlings, vegetables, and specialty products for the region.


We have an extensive raised bed garden system, employing Bio-Intensive methods for high-output. Bio-Intensive farming originated in France and was made popular in the United States by John Jeavons. The Bio-Intensive process is the leading-edge, organic method for producing the highest output in the smallest space. This method starts with very deep beds which train plants to seek nutrients vertically, allowing the farmer to grow much more produce in much less space.

Our raised bed garden system is a model of what we call “garden ergonomics”, decreasing the human energy necessary to service a garden, by allowing the gardener to remain standing, with an erect posture, while tending the garden.



Beehives can increase the output of produce and seeds on a farm as much as 30%. We maintain beehives at our farm to achieve the highest pollination rate possible, increasing the success rate of both plant and seed production. We have worked closely with the Sacred Valley Bee Sanctuary in the implementation of our beehives. Many of our staff members and volunteers are trained beekeeping apprentices. Our hives generate honey, pollen, propolis and wax for products that we supply to the Sacred Valley.

The Casa Girasol Farm is a leading edge, alternative agricultural environment in the heart of the Incan agricultural region. The incas were, perhaps, the first permaculturists in recorded history, employing remarkable terraced farming and innovative methods that supplied a massive amount of nutritional support for the entire Andean region.

We are currently looking for long-term farm volunteers (2 or more months) who are considering relocating to the Sacred Valley. We prefer experienced, mature (24 or over), responsible and spiritually focused individuals. We promote a community atmosphere. We are also seeking farm “managers” who will stay 6 months to a year or more. Please contact at
Currently we are looking for volunteers with the following skills, construction & remodeling, farming & gardening, and culinary experience (bread baking experience is a plus)